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Project1 Development and Implementation of BNCT

筑波大学は、1980年代より原子炉を使用したBNCTの臨床研究に取り組んでいる。<br />
Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) is an attractive, next-generation method for treating refractory cancer.
By utilizing reactions between boron atoms and neutrons, BNCT destroys cancer cells selectively. It is e“ffective also against invisibly small cancer cells and tumors that are diff”cult to remove surgically.


  • Development of reasonably-priced therapeutic devices that can be installed in hospitals (2010‚ƒ„ƒ–)
  • Construction of Ibaraki Neutron Medical Research Center as a center for joint studies (2011‚ƒ„„–2012‚ƒ„‚)
  • Animal experiments (‚ƒ„Œ2013)
  • Clinical studies (2014‚ƒ„Ž–)
  • Obtaining accreditation for advanced medical care (2012‚ƒ„‘)

Remedial example Head and neck cancer

Principles of BNCT


Schematic diagram of a therapeutic device


Main Institutes Involved

University of Tsukuba, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Hokkaido University, Japan Chemical Analysis Center, related enterprises, Prefectural Government of Ibaraki


【BNCT Pamphlet(PDF)】

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