Project2 Living with Personal Care Robots

生活支援ロボットの安全検証体制を確立して速やかに安全認証をスタートさせ、 実証実験を加速して、我が国のロボット産業の国際競争力の強化を図る。The Personal Care Robot performs a variety of actions that contribute to improve quality of life of its operator and surrounding people.
Application fields include various daily, social and work related activities such as eating meals, cleaning, communication and locomotion.

Establishment of safety verification systems for personal care robots


Empirical studies of personal care robots



  • Empirical studies of personal care robots (ƒ„„…2009–)
  • Turning safety standards into international standards (ƒ„‰Š2013)
  • Operation of test facilities related to safety certification of robots (ƒ„‰Œ2014–)
  • Full-scale market introduction (ƒ„‰’2015)

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