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Project3 Practical Use of Algal Biomass Energy

Project3 藻類バイオマスエネルギーの実用化
Several species of algae can effciently produce oil. For example, the potential hydrocarbon-oil production of microalga, Botryococcus braunii is estimated to be 118 t per 1 ha per year, which is much greater than 0.2 t for maize and 6.1 t for palm.
Aurantiochytrium has only one third of hydrocarbon content of Btryococcus braunii, but grows 36 times faster and thus produces 12 times more hydrocarbon than Botryococcus braunii.
These biofuels will improve the low oil self-sufficiency of Japan and help mitigate global warming.

Development of mass production technologies



  • Preparing for demonstration experiments to establish technologies for
    outdoor mass production of algae (’“”’2012)
  • Construction of an outdoor test plant (in ’“”’2012)
  • Use of official vehicle of Tsukuba City fueled with algae-derived crude oil (2013’“”•–’“”—2015)
  • Production of crude oil from algae in the test plant (’“”•2013–2015’“”—)

Main Institutes Involved

University of Tsukuba, related enterprises, Tsukuba City, Prefectural Government of Ibaraki

A Related Organization



【Practical use of algal biomass energy leaflet(PDF)】

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